Punk rockers Green Day have blasted American President George W Bush for misleading US citizens by making them believe he's acting in their interests, when in fact he took the top job "to make himself richer".

The outspoken BASKET CASE stars are furious at Bush for ordering the war in Iraq, claiming it was a conflict based on deceit, and have slammed the media for promoting his policies and covering up the facts.

Singer Billie Joe Armstrong rants, "These are not good times to be an American. Patriotism is not a big thing for me, but the things that are happening, that have happened over the past two years, are just not good.

"Obviously there's the war in Iraq - a war that was based on lies - but there's also the things going on in the United States as well. We have a President whose only purpose is to make himself and his friends richer - people who are already rich - an idiot who didn't even win the election he stood for.

"And this greed is all at the expense of regular working people. We have a media - especially television - that doesn't tell us the truth about this."

08/07/2004 02:22