Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong's strong marriage was nearly destroyed by the chaotic recording of the band's hit 2004 album AMERICAN IDIOT.

The BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS singer admits his rock lifestyle is a regular challenge to his marriage of 11 years to wife ADRIENNE NESSER, but he has ditched drink and drugs in order to put family life first.

He says, "LA is full of people crashing and burning. That could be me. I'm fascinated and horrified by that.

"Speed and cocaine don't suit me in great quantities.

"I get out of control in a funny way - like playing sax in the nude on the rooftop of my hotel. Or in a bad way - drink and drugs.

"I have been impossible to live with during the making of AMERICAN IDIOT and the thing I'm most proud of is that my marriage is survived.

"There are temptations in this lifestyle and I have survived them all."

01/04/2005 17:30