Green Day were forced to dramatically change the way they functioned when Billie Joe Armstrong's controlling nature threatened to tear the band apart.

Tensions within the AMERICAN IDIOT band reached crisis point because bandmembers TRE COOL and MIKE DIRNT finally ran out of patience with Armstrong, who was failing to take their opinions seriously.

However, following a heated phone conversation with Dirnt, Armstrong accepted he needed to change tact to keep Green Day going.

Dirnt recalls, "Billie called me and said, 'Do you wanna do this any more?,' I said, 'Yes, but you got to let us in. We're not like, staff. You're the president but we're the cabinet and you've gotta consult us.'"

Armstrong remembers the point at which he realised they all had to change their attitudes.

He says, "It was stuff like Tre telling me WELCOME TO PARADISE was a sh**ty song, and me getting p**sed when they made fun of me."

06/04/2005 17:32