Green Day's latest album left singer Billie Joe Armstrong with something akin to post-natal depression, he has revealed.

Speaking to the Sunday Days, the star revealed that the process of recording 21ST CENTURY BREAKDOWN was so stressful he had difficulty letting it go.

"It has literally driven me crazy, but there is definitely a side of me that loves the chaos," Armstrong said.

The band had ended up chasing their collective tails during recording, not least because they had spent three years out of the studio, he added.

In the end, it was producer BUTCH VIG, the man behind albums including Nirvana's NEVERMIND, that convinced Armstrong it was time to stop tinkering and release the record.

"I finally left the album about two weeks ago," Armstrong stated, "it’s kind of like having post-partum depression."

Despite the fact that he found some enjoyment in the stress surrounding the recording, it was not always a productive situation, the singer noted.

"You can end up out-thinking yourself, second-guessing, triple-guessing," he revealed.

The interview also gave Armstrong the chance to give his views on the current state of the US, an issue dealt with in the band's last effort AMERICAN IDIOT, an album which he claimed was released "right in the middle of the s***".

The singer warned that while there is now a new president, there is still "collateral damage" which will have to be dealt with by the administration.

However, the election of Barack Obama has injected a new hope into the American people, the star added.

Meanwhile, a musical version of American Idiot is set to hit the stage later this year.

The band recently confirmed that the first performance of the show will take place in September at the Berkley Repertory Theatre in California. The album itself sold around 12 million copies across the world.

27/04/2009 10:58:20