Rocker Jack Russell is "saddened" after he was banned from making a donation to a memorial in honour of those who perished in the infamous Great White concert fire.

An ill-advised pyrotechnics display set off a blaze at The Station nightclub in Rhode Island on 20 February, 2003, and 100 people lost their lives, including the band's guitarist Ty Longley.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the tragedy, Russell had planned to donate the proceeds from his California show on 7 February (13) to the Station Fire Memorial Foundation, which was set up after the blaze, but his offer has been rejected by the organisation's bosses.

In a statement, obtained by, he writes, "This morning my manager received an email from the Vice President of the Station Fire Memorial Foundation, stating that they will refuse any donations from me to the foundation.

"(It said) 'This is to respect the wishes of the families and survivors who do not wish to have any association with Jack or his Great White… We do not want our name associated with ANYTHING Jack Russell or his band does. We do not want any donations or proceeds from anything he does.'

"That being said, the proceeds from the show on February 7 will be donated to a different charitable organisation, to be determined shortly.

"I am saddened by the response of the foundation and the motives behind it, but we will put on a great show and make it for a worthy cause."

In 2008, the band agreed to pay $1 million (£625,000) to survivors and families of the victims of the blaze, which became the fourth deadliest fire in U.S. history.