Great White stars JACK RUSSELL and MICHAEL LARDIE have teamed up with WARRANT star JANI LANE to form a new all-star Beatles tribute group.
The rockers - all huge fans of the Fab Four - are planning to record an album of Beatles covers and then tour.
Russell says, "I think it'll be a lot of fun. The Beatles are definitely the reason I got into music.
"This is just another way for us to express our gratitude and to show where we come from. I was gonna be an archaeologist and then I heard the Beatles' Help! album and I was like, `That's it. I wanna be a rock star now.'"
And the Great White frontman believes the combination of the Beatles and 1980s rockers will prove to be a winning ticket: "We're a bunch on 80s rockers and I think that's gonna make a difference. I think that'll make us stand out a little bit from all the other Beatles tribute acts.
"People aren't gonna expect a lot from us, but there's a lot of great music in us.
"I think we're gonna call ourselves The Revolution. We're justkicking about names right now, and that's something we thought of off the top of our heads."