LATEST: Rock band Great White and a US club they performed in have been fined nearly $100,000 (GBP70,000) after a pyrotechnic display there began a blaze which killed 100 people.

The STATION CONCERT CLUB in Rhode Island was engulfed by flames within minutes of the fire breaking out during the concert, which also killed the band's guitarist TY LONGLEY.

The US OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ADMINISTRATION (OSHA) imposed a fine of $7,000 (GBP4,800) for Great White and $85,200 (GBP59,000) on the nightclub owners DERCO LLC.

The club's violations included the installation of an exit door that swung the wrong way, the use of highly flammable foam, inadequate safety planning and an exit door that was concealed by foam.

The OSHA said JACK RUSSELL TOURING INC, the corporation representing the band, had failed to protect employees from fire hazards.

The club and band have 15 days to appeal against the penalties.

After the fire, Great White said they had permission for the fireworks, but the owners said they did not.

In March, the relatives of two people killed in the fire launched legal actions against Derco LLC, Great White and local officials for negligence.

The criminal investigation into the event is continuing.

21/08/2003 13:22