Legendary Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia is the latest dead rocker to be brought back from the grave for a new biopic. With Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon all set to be recreated on the big screen in upcoming movies, the hunt is on to find an actor who can portray Garcia. And 20-year-old former Malcolm In The Middle star Justin Berfield is leading the charge - his production company, J2 Pictures, has the rights to make the Garcia biopic. Berfield, who played bully REESE in the hit TV sitcom, admits he and his partners are taking their time in selecting the right director and star for the project, but they already have a Jerry Garcia in mind. He says, "I've spoken with one person and he's very interested in taking on the role. I can't say too much because I'm not ready for this to become major news yet. He's a very well-known actor."