A toilet belonging to late Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia has been stolen from a driveway while awaiting shipment to a Canadian casino. The salmon-coloured commode once stood in Garcia's master bathroom and was taken along with three other toilets and a bidet. HENRY KOLTYS bought Garcia's home just north of San Francisco, California for $1.39 million (GBP794,000) in 1997, two years after the singer died aged 53. He removed the toilet and other items he planned to sell to raise money for charity. Last month (MAR06) the toilet was sold to online casino GoldenPalace.com for $2,550 (GBP1,460), which planned to use it as part of a travelling marketing exhibit. The police have no suspects or leads and the casino is offering a $250 (GBP145) reward for the toilet's safe return. It's unclear whether the item was swiped by a wayward Deadhead or a thief remodelling a bathroom. According to JONATHON LIPSIN, who worked for Garcia as a gardener and now owns a record store, the toilet might appeal to dedicated Deadheads. He says, "It's a little gross, but I could see it at a rock 'n' roll museum."