Numerous household items belonging to the late Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia are to be sold on auction website eBay to raise money for a charity for separated families.

The items, including a toilet, stereo cabinets and a dishwasher, are expected to raise $100,000 (GBP57,900) for support group the Sophia Foundation.

The non-profit organisation's chairman, HENRY KOLTYS, bought and renovated Garcia's California mansion in 1997, when he placed the items into storage.

He believes many Grateful Dead fans - or 'Deadheads' - will "want a piece of Jerry somehow" and is confident they will bid higher than the items' appraisal value of $75,000 (GBP43,400).

The online auction will be held between 18 and 24 December (05).

Garcia died of a heart attack in 1995, aged 53, while in a drug treatment centre.