The recent GRAMMY nomination announcements have prompted an unlikely duo to celebrate - former American president Bill Clinton and his wife HILLARY.

The political pair have picked up a Grammy nod each this year (03) - Bill for an audiobook he recorded with Mikhail Gorbachev and Sophia Loren with the RUSSIAN NATIONAL ORCHESTRA, and Hillary for the recorded version of her best-selling book LIVING HISTORY.

Hillary has already won a 1997 Grammy for the audiobook of IT TAKES A VILLAGE.

And while she has opponents like actor Don Cheadle in her category, the senator is relieved she and her husband aren't nominated in the same set.

She says, "I'm glad he's not my competition."

Hillary adds that recording the audiobook was "very, very hard work", explaining, "It's done so precisely, you have to be careful about breathing too hard."

Bill and Hillary Clinton will learn whether or not they'll be decorating their home with Grammy Awards when the ceremony takes place on 8 February (04) in Los Angeles.

07/12/2003 21:07