Irish comic Graham Norton has profusely apologised to his movie co-star Michelle Pfeiffer for polluting her airspace with his smelly breath - blaming the incident on the on-set caterers. Norton teamed up with the Hollywood actress for a cameo in her film I Could Never Be Your Woman - and gorged on a series of malodorous culinary treats before being summoned to shoot his scene with Pfeiffer. And Norton was horrified when he was told to stand "unnaturally" close to the screen star. He tells Heat magazine, "What I didn't understand is that, in film, because they're spending all their money on Michelle Pfeiffer, they want her on-screen as much as possible. So, in order for her to be in the shot when I was speaking, we had to be unnaturally close. "I wasn't thinking and was eating all this on-set catering, then went in and we were so close while talking, it was horrible. I did apologise first and she offered me some mints. The shame of it."