Graham Norton has become the latest celebrity to criticise The X Factor judge Dannii Minogue.

The BBC chatshow host said he was backing mother-of-five Rachel Hylton to win this year's competition but claimed that Minogue's guidance may prove to be a hindrance for her in the long run.

"I'd really like Rachel Hylton to win this year but it's not going to happen because Dannii's her mentor," Norton said.

"She's like tying a lump of concrete around your neck. I don't think she will do well."

Norton isn't the first person to criticise the Australian judge, earlier this week Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher suggested Minogue wouldn't recognise talent if it kicked her in the a**s.

Speaking about X Factor, Gallagher said: "It seems to being on a mental illness.

"You're going in at the top, with a number one that sells 750,000 or whatever and you've got someone like Dannii Minogue telling you you're really talented - and if there's one person in the room who wouldn't know talent if it kicked them in the a**e it's Dannii Minogue."

18/10/2008 16:51:14