Graham Coxon finds playing with Blur "physically and emotionally draining".

The guitarist - who left the group in 2003 amid concerns he was drinking too heavily - says that since getting back together, the band are more supportive and helping one another through their live shows.

He said: "A Blur concert for me has always been extremely draining emotionally and physically.

"In the end I learned it's the audience that get you through it. You play to the audience.

"I was struggling through in an isolated manner. We all did. We became a massive machine and a business and the group members were the least important thing.

"But we're encouraging each other more now than we used to. It's a more caring attitude among us."

The 'Tender' musician says their hiatus has helped the group reconnect and strengthen their relationships.

He added: "With the pause we had in the group we realised we are important as individuals and we are friends again. We got to know each other again. It's important we're all having a good time."