Graham Coxon can't wait for this summer's Blur reunion shows.

The singer and guitarist - who released his solo album 'The Spinning Top' last month - is looking forward to regrouping with his former bandmates later this year because touring alone can get lonely.

He said: "I think the shows will be just be fun! This has been the hard work really, these dates on my own. I love making big noises. These solo shows I'm doing now are pretty humble. The Sounds you make on an acoustic guitar - it's a high maintenance instrument. You have to tickle it comfortably. And then the electric ones you can bang and the sound will go on forever. I enjoy them both."

Meanwhile, as the band increase their rehearsals from once a fortnight to daily sessions, the 40-year-old musician says he is having no problem remembering the melodies for their classic hits.

He said: "They never go anywhere. I'm a bit like that, I'm just straight there. I'm a bit photographic in many ways.

Blur - also consisting of Daman Alban, Alex James and Dave Rowntree - are due to headline several summer festivals, including Oxegen, T In The Park and Glastonbury.