Review of All Over Me/ Freakin' Out (Trans Copic) Single by Graham Coxon

Graham Coxon

Graham Coxon - All Over Me/ Freakin’ Out (Trans Copic) - Single Review

Graham Coxon

All Over Me/ Freakin’ Out

(Trans Copic)

The dreamy and uplifting acoustic fuelled ‘All Over Me’ shows depth, tenderness and maturity that belies the childish sniping by the author of it at his former Blur colleagues. This nimble number is extracted from G C’s fifth solo album; ‘Happiness In Magazines’. Graham seems comfortable in the spotlight nowadays and his honed, echoing vocals really drive home his message about the frailty of human emotions;

Graham Coxon - All Over Me/ Freakin Out (Trans Copic) - Single Review

“I know why you make me so scared; you’re all I can see.

You speak and my hearing’s impaired; you’re all over me”.

Blur fans will relish ‘Freakin’ Out’ that combines ‘Leisure’ with ‘13’ era sounds and is finished with some added vibrancy, as Graham releases a cockney tinge to his vocal array. This rubs along nicely with the stampeding instrumentals giving the track and it seems; Graham a new lease of life.

David Adair