Grace Woodward wants to have her own ethical fashion line.

The celebrity stylist would consider branching out into design as long as she could ensure the production was completely eco-conscious and made in the UK.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''The one thing I would really like to do if I ever did manufacturing is have my own clothing line in my new shop. I would just like to make sure that it was made with a conscious, made in the UK, ethical.

''I would like to do fabulous stuff and make sure it's not detrimental to anyone down the line. All fashion should be ethical.''

The former 'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model' star thinks major labels are often too afraid of making a political statement, and admires the likes of Green Carpet Challenge pioneer Livia Firth for being committed to changing the industry.

She said: ''Unless they're all out ethical, a lot of brands are afraid of being too political because it can frighten people. You have to be wholly ethical, you can't be half-hearted. To me there should be no question. It should all have a conscience. That's a part of what I'm doing with charity Fashion Salvage.''