Grace Woodward loves working with strong female artists like Florence Welch.

The stylist prefers collaborating with talented celebrities like the Florence + The Machine singer and La Roux because they have such a unique sense of style and clear vision when it comes to their look.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I enjoy the indulgence of working with female artists, women who like to challenge the perception of female representation. So I've worked with La Roux, Fever Ray, Florence Welch... They're really individual, know they mind and it's a real joy to work with them because you actually end up creating something, it's a collaborative effort. They are worthy icons [for young girls], they're the real deal.

''I don't really work from the point of view of trends. I think they're amazing and they're a shorthand for brands, but I'm more interested in people as a character. When I work with celebrities, I'd rather not work with women who are a personality, I'd rather work with women who are genuinely talented.''

Grace - who recently became a mum to baby boy Larkin - has created a handy style guide for new mums stuck in a style rut and who are unsure how to dress their post-baby bodies.

The former 'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model' judge and 'X Factor' stylist explained:''Trends are not necessarily relevant to making you feel great after you've had a baby. I don't want to emphasise the snapback thing.

''That happens to celebrities because they have chefs and trainers and time to do it. I wanted to talk in a truthful, real voice to women. It's a way of saying, let's chill and just enjoy this period of time.

''As much as anyone else, I just wanted to wear a sleeping bag after giving birth! It actually really helped to change it up, leave the baggy clothes alone and give yourself a bit of a lift. If you feel comfortable and happy you will look good.''

Celebrity stylist and new mum Grace Woodward has partnered with Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure to create 'Pram Glam: a guide to post-pregnancy fashion' available at