Grace Jones has defended infamous New York City nightclub Studio 54, insisting "moderation" was always practised by its patrons.
The singer was a regular fixture of the 1970s hotspot, which became known for sexual activity and rampant drug use that occurred after hours.
But Jones maintains the discotheque was a far more civilised place than its notorious reputation suggests.
She tells U.K. talk show host Alan Carr, "It wasn't as bad as they say - it was cool. It was cool in the sense (that) there was moderation, believe it or not. That way you could have conversation. You know, you didn't go home with your dress kind of torn off of you like I've done a few times (elsewhere). Mick Jagger, everybody was there, Liz Taylor, everybody. Every night they had a different theme."
Jones claims she had wilder nights at Big Apple gay bar the Paradise Garage - because venue bosses allegedly provided partygoers with drugs instead of serving liquor.
She adds, "At the Garage, there was a big bowl of whatever concoction they had there. The Garage was the club that opened at four, with a blend of juices or something and they used to spike it with acid and stuff. Because actually they didn't have a liquor licence so you know, hey let's put acid inside!"