LATEST: Actress Grace Jones has denied attacking a train manager during a row over ticket fares on a trip from Paris to London.

The 56-year-old was reportedly thrown off the EUROSTAR service shortly before it arrived in the British capital yesterday (5APR05) after she was discovered in a premium carriage with a first class ticket.

A Eurostar spokesperson alleges she became abusive and grabbed the female manager after she was asked to pay to upgrade her ticket.

But Jones insists there was "definitely no physical confrontation"and asked to be let off the train - claiming she was issued with an incomplete ticket without a price on it.

A statement from her reads, "Ms Jones was extremely badly treated last night by an overzealous Eurostar employee after she was asked to leave the VIP section of the train.

"The train manager refused to honour her first class ticket or accept additional payment on the train and insisted that Ms Jones leave the empty VIP section.

"Ms Jones, rather that travel in a crowded coach, asked to be let off the train at the first available stop."

06/04/2005 21:30