The news comes amid reports of a conflict between the Australian rapper and her management, but a Def Jam Recordings representative insists the Fancy hitmaker just wants to make sure her tour is perfect for fans.

He says, "To accommodate for creative team availability and tour productions, it was determined that the tour will not be ready this spring.

"It's important to Iggy that she delivers the show she envisaged to share with her fans and that requires more time in development... There's no truth to the rumour that there's any conflict between her and her management."

In a recent GQ interview, the rapper said, "I want everything to be right... from the tour book to what someone wears. Even the right faces for the dancers, and their attitude. Everything is equally important. At the moment, I'm just trying to work on the initial stage design and making a stage that I feel like can engage... in an arena that big."

The planned spring tour will now kick off in San Diego, California on 18 September (15).

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