THE Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto has launched a scathing attack on music industry bosses for 'forcing' plus-size female stars such as rapper Missy Elliott to slim down. The singer believes the hip-hop superstar, who lost 71 pounds (32.2 kilograms) five years ago (02), was put under pressure to shed the weight to "be more successful" - and not for health reasons, which she claimed at the time. She says, "She (Miss Elliott) lost weight! For health. Well it wasn't like she was gonna fall over dead! But I can understand why it would be so f**king hard for her to be her size (success-wise) and her weight. "I never, ever blame the woman in the position for feeling like she needs to change herself; I blame people who are in power and prevent them for doing what they love to do or what they're f**king amazing at, like Missy Elliott, because of the way they look. It's a f**king joke."