Gosford Park star Charles Dance has blasted Paris Hilton after TV bosses decided to air the socialite's reality series instead of his new drama.
The veteran British actor's new programme Trinity was scheduled to broadcast in the U.K. earlier this year (09) but it was delayed until September (09) - and replaced by the heiress' show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend.
Dance is now calling for the end of reality shows after catching a glimpse of Hilton's "c**p" programme, in which the blonde sets tests for a group of wannabes in the search for a true pal.
He says, "We're putting too much energy into junk and reality television. This show was going to be shown in January or February. But they shelved it until September to put you know what in its place? Paris Hilton's British Best Friend, which is possibly the most execrable piece of television I've ever seen in my life. God knows what the ratings were. It's a piece of television for airheads, starring an airhead.
"It's just beyond me. Endless hours of reality television - surely by now there must be a consensus that it's c**p?"