Rocker PAUL SIMONON had a special reason to play the U.K.s Glastonbury Festival with Gorillaz - he had a running joke with his former The Clash bandmate Joe Strummer that he'd never attend the event.
The bassist frequently refused Strummer's requests to visit the "hippy festival" during their 1970s and 1980s heyday, insisting he preferred London's famous Notting Hill Carnival instead.
But he finally relented when Damon Albarn invited him to perform with Gorillaz during their headline slot this year (10) - and admits he had poignant thoughts of his late pal as they took to the stage.
Simonon tells Q magazine, "Strummer was always asking me to go there and I'd say, 'Sorry Joe, you keep your hippy festival, I'll stick to my Notting Hill Carnival, thanks'. So Damon really had to convince me.
"But I must admit I had a moment to myself just before we went on, looking up at the stars and thinking, 'Alright, Joe. I'm bl**dy here now, aren't I'."