Gorillaz will draw on the wonders of modern technology to bring the animated band to life they appear live on stage at the Europe Music Awards (EMA) in Portugal on 3 November (05).

The band's masterminds, Blur singer Damon Albarn and visual design genius JAMES HEWLETT, are eagerly anticipating their breakthrough performance, because it will be a landmark performance.

Hewlett says, "We're doing something that's never ever been done. We're going to have the animated characters on stage.

"I suppose they're like super-holograms. It's what we've dreamed about since we began Gorillaz. It's looking incredible.

"Mind you, for the effect to work, everyone has their places where they're allowed to go and where they're not.

"If you ran behind them, shining a torch at them, it would probably all go horribly wrong."