Gorillaz creator Damon Albarn is happier than ever working behind the scenes with the animated hitmakers, because he found being a frontman difficult to deal with. Albarn, who scored numerous hits on the UK charts in the 1990s with his band Blur, admits his ego had begun to obstruct his creativity before guitarist Graham Coxon quit the band in 2002. And since he no longer has to appear on stage or give interviews, Albarn was able to immerse himself in producing the startlingly original Gorillaz album DEMON DAYS. He says, "I'm actually happier. I just like being able to get lost in the music and not worry about it. I don't feel so exposed, basically. "Even though I was a frontman for many years, I don't think I'm actually that comfortable with it. "It's what I did when I was younger and it had its course and then it stopped. "The image and the artifice of music is something you have to be really aware of, otherwise it can destroy your music. "If you allow vanity to get in the way, and ego, that's where so many people go wrong. That's why so many people start out brilliant and end up s**t."