Gorillaz star Damon Albarn and British electronic group Massive Attack have launched a new website opposing the UK government's move to buy more nuclear weapons. The music stars have launched no-bomb.com - a website exhibiting artworks protesting against the renewal of the UK's Trident nuclear arsenal - with Albarn's Gorillaz colleague JAMIE HEWLETT and artist PETER KENNARD. The website reads, "Over the next three weeks, until the vote on Trident renewal in parliament, no-bomb will be a continually expanding online exhibition and protest. The aim is to get people thinking, talking, reading, protesting - to make a noise round an issue that has had shamefully little public or political debate. "The UK Government wants to spend GBP76 billion ($149 billion) of our money on renewing the UK's nuclear defence system, Trident. We don't think we should be spending billions on weapons of mass destruction and we don't believe we'll be any safer with a new generation of Trident."