Strictly Come Dancing favourite John Sergeant is the most fanciable 'ugly bloke' in the UK, according to a new poll.

The political correspondent won legions of fans across the country with his unique dancing style on the BBC1 show, before he quit the dancefloor over the "very real danger" that he could win.

Despite missing out on a chance to lift the Strictly crown, Sergeant has been awarded the unenviable accolade of being named the 'ugly' celebrity most British women admit to finding attractive.

In a new survey carried out by, Sergeant was named in first place ahead of TV chef Gordon Ramsay and former Eastenders actor Ross Kemp.

Justin Lee Collins, the bearded presenter of The Sunday Night Project, was voted into fourth place while comedian Peter Kay rounded off the top five.

"A lot of men in this poll are highly successful which is really appealing to women," said a OnePoll spokesman.

"There are several comedians in the top 20 list and girls can't resist a funny man so it seems they are prepared to overlook their appearance."

The top twenty most fanciable 'ugly blokes' are:

1 John Sergeant
2 Gordon Ramsay
3 Ross Kemp
4 Justin Lee Collins
5 Peter Kay
6 Martin Clunes
7 Chris Evans
8 Ian Hislop
9 David Walliams
10 Liam Gallagher
11 Jeremy Clarkson
12 Peter Crouch
13 Jonathan Ross
14 Mick Jagger
15 Ricky Gervais
16 Jake Wood
17 Rhys Ifans
18 David Seaman
19 James Corden
20 Rio Ferdinand

13/01/2009 00:01:01