Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is recovering after a kitchen assistant accidentally splashed boiling hot stock into his eye. The incident occurred as foul-mouthed Ramsay trained a group of amateur chefs for the latest episode of his new British TV show THE F WORD. Thankfully the trainees ordinarily worked as Accident and Emergency doctors at London's Chelsea and Westminster Hospital - and they immediately took quick action to save his eyesight. The culprit, LUCY BINGHAM, says, "I'd got knocked as I was moving a pan of stock and it fell on to the hob, which is blindingly hot, and it splashed back up at him. "I thought, 'It's Gordon Ramsay, ace chef, and I've blinded him.' I was really worried. "I immediately went into doctor mode and thought, 'Sod the kitchen' and rushed over to him. I think he was startled and shocked but thankfully he was fine. I got away without any swearing from him because I think he found it quite amusing how I flipped so quickly into being a doctor."