British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is reportedly refusing to help his troubled brother, who is facing drugs charges in Indonesia, according to his sibling's lawyer. Truck driver Ronald Watson Ramsay, 39, has been charged with possession of 100 milligrams of heroin and a secondary charge of using heroin on the Indonesian holiday island of Bali. If convicted, Watson Ramsay faces a potential of 10 years behind bars. Watson Ramsay's lawyer Erwin Siregar says, "I have contacted his family, sent them emails, tried to call them and sent them facsimiles - but up until now, there has been no response whatsoever from the family." Hell's Kitchen star Ramsay has previously spoken of his brother's drug problems, saying, "I feel the pain, I feel it big time. I don't think that my mum at 60 should still be putting up with it. "It is hard dealing with Ronnie. He is a major responsibility. It is like having an 18-year-old to look after."