Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been hit with a fine after failing to submit his company's accounts to British government authorities on time. The HELL'S KITCHEN star's company Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited was supposed to file its 2005 accounts with Companies House by the end of June (06) - but the financial body has yet to receive any documents despite sending out two reminder letters. The company has been hit with a GBP250 fine ($450) fine and could face a court appearance and a GBP5,000 ($9,000) fine if accounts are not filed immediately. A spokesperson for Ramsay says, "We are well aware of this. In fact, we have already submitted accounts for all eight of his restaurants and it is only the holding company accounts that need to be sent in. "I'm sure the delay is merely a housekeeping issue. It's nonsense to say Gordon is spreading himself too thin."