Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay lost a legal battle at London's High Court on Tuesday (20Jan15) over the rental of his pub.

The cookery expert signed up for the $1 million (£640,000) per year rent at his London pub in 2008, but Ramsay claimed during the legal battle that his signature was forged onto the 25-year lease without his authorisation.

Ramsay accused his father-in-law Christopher Hutcheson, a former business associate, of stamping his signature on the rental agreement without permission.

The fiery chef claimed he did not know that a ghostwriting machine, which replicates his signature for merchandising purposes, could be used on legal paperwork.

On Tuesday, the judge Mr. Justice Morgan refused to grant a declaration that the rental guarantee was not binding and ruled that Ramsay was still personally liable for the rent.

He says, "I find that when Mr. Hutcheson committed Mr. Ramsay to the guarantee in the lease of the premises, Mr. Hutcheson was acting within the wide general authority conferred on him by Mr. Ramsay at all times until Mr. Hutcheson's dismissal in October, 2010.

"I find that Mr. Ramsay knew, long before the entry into the agreement for lease and the lease of the premises, that the machine was routinely used to place his signature on legal documents... I do not accept his evidence to the contrary."

The British cook first fell out with Hutcheson when he fired him as Ceo of Gordon Ramsay Holdings (Grh) in 2010. They have been embroiled in two legal battles against each other in the years since.

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