The British restaurant mogul and TV star pleaded guilty on Wednesday (24Aug16) to breaking the law by driving his Land Rover at 70 miles per hour (113 kilometres per hour) in an area of road with a 40 miles per hour (64 kilometres per hour) limit.

Ramsay, 49, did not attend the hearing in Bodmin, Cornwall but was given six penalty points, a $660 fine and ordered to pay costs of $64 (£85) by magistrates, according to the BBC.

The speeding incident occurred on 23 March (16), when the star was travelling on the A30 road, where a temporary speed limit was in place due to work being carried out to expand the road.

The Hell's Kitchen star owns a $5.8 million (£4.4 million) house in the area, but has outraged locals after gaining permission from local council officials to demolish the property and replace it with two new homes.