British Chancellor Gordon Brown today (03JUN05) agreed to waive the projected tax bills London's LIVE 8 concert and ticket text lottery would have incurred - so an additional $900,000 (GBP500,000) will be available for the fight against poverty.

Britain's financial chief is also vocal in his support of SIR Bob Geldof's G8 protest in Edinburgh, Scotland as long as the 6 July (05) march, which is expected to attract one million protesters, remains peaceful.

He says, "This is not a time for timidity nor a time to fear reaching too high. We are going to waive the bill for the cost of the concert and waive the bill for the cleaning up.

"That is in lieu of any payment of VAT (value added tax). That is a way of helping this event - probably worth about GBP500,000."

Live 8 kicks off simultaneously on 2 July (05) in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, and Philadelphia.

03/06/2005 14:01