ABC's Good Morning America, with Katie Couric sitting in as co-host, pulled within 25,000 viewers of the morning leader, NBC's the Today show, on Friday, striking down previous reports that her stint on GMA was a total disappointment. The results on Friday put Today ahead for the week with an average of 5.109 million viewers to GMA' s 4.899 million. So the gap between the two shows turned out to be just 210,000, about half what it was expected to be before Friday's figures came in. Nevertheless the result could hardly be considered a major victory for GMA inasmuch as the gap between the two shows during the previous week was just 119,000. ABC attempted to put a best face on the results noting that the audience for GMA was up 2 percent for the week versus the comparable week a year ago, while the audience For Today was down 5 percent.