ABC's Good Morning America 's failed attempt to gain a morning victory over NBC's Today show by bringing in Katie Couric-- in all her former perkiness -- as co-host has given a boost to producers of CBS This Morning , whose strategy is to offer more hard news in its relaunched morning program featuring Charlie Rose and Gayle King, Advertising Age observed today (Monday). In an interview with the trade publication, CBS chief Les Moonves said, "In this day and age, the idea of going anti-fluff" is important. Added CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager, "I do think there's a real hunger For Real news In America. ... These are rough ties. The economy is a real problem for most Americans, and the world is a relatively unstable place right now." Nevertheless, Fager remarked, "We're not doing this as an exercise in how to do quality broadcast journalism, said Mr. Fager. We want quantity [i.e. viewers] as well."