Pop punks SUM 41 have hit back at critics who are urging parents not to let their children see the violent opening of their current live show.

Outraged concert reviewers and parents have blasted the group for a video skit at the beginning of their show, during which drummer STEVE 'STEVO' JOCZ pretends to kill bassist CONE McCASLIN in a sick fight.

But Stevo insists the group is simply putting on a rock show, which shouldn't be attended by minors anyway.

He says, "It's stupid and funny, but all these parents complained about it... I guess they don't think it's appropriate for children.

"Well, I don't think rock shows should be for children. I guess there's a difference between our fans and (tour-mates) Good Charlotte fans - their fans might be a little younger. They may not be prepared for the real world."

23/11/2004 09:34