Members of Good Charlotte, Audioslave and BLINK-182 are among the stars calling for politicians to help save famous New York punk venue CBGB from closure as the club's deadline looms.

Punk acts have been performing at a month long festival of shows at owner Hilly Kristal's Bowery club, but all the publicity and cash raised from the venture still might not be enough to keep the place open.

Kristal was given a 1 September (05) deadline to raise cash to cover a lease negotiation fee.

If the punk icon can't raise the cash tomorrow, CBGB will be no more - a fact that has prompted modern punk stars to raise their voice in a last-ditch attempt to save the club.

Using MTV News as a sounding board today (31AUG05), Audioslave star TOM MORELLO says, "You can really feel the history there. It was one of my first pilgrimages. I went on a rock tour just to go there and check it out."

While Beck adds, "It's such a reference point in music for people in bands. It's more of a concept, even."

And Blink-182's Mark Hoppus claims, "When I saw on the news that there was a possibility that it would be closing down, it was on par with, like, 'They're closing down Mount Rushmore (South Dakota landmark)' or something like that. It can't happen."

Other tributes come from Good Charlotte's Joel Madden, who says, "After playing there, being there... I've been to a million shows there, I've seen a million bands that I can't remember the names of, but, like, there's an energy there. I think that place is important."