Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden takes his responsibility as a role model seriously - because many suicidal adolescents turn to the band for salvation.

The LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS rocker is still surprised by how many letters fans write to tell him the only reason they don't kill themselves is because of Good Charlotte's music.

Madden says, "Being in Good Charlotte gives us a responsibility that other bands are free of.

"A lot of these kids come to us with their lives, they tell us how they think about killing themselves a lot. Not just once in a while, but everyday. They say that our music stops them killing themselves.

"Sometimes you think, 'Well, what if our music stops being the reason they don't want to kill themselves?' What happens then?

"It's partly out of our control and partly not. So the contents of our records are scrutinised over. We definitely put thought into how we can help those kids. We really do care and read their letters.

"It's a lot of pressure because we are just five guys in a band."

21/01/2005 13:46