Punk stars Good Charlotte have taken inspiration for their new album from two unusual sources - indie legends The Smiths and hip-hop stars N*E*R*D.

The BOYS AND GIRLS stars have been exploring their "dark side" for their follow-up to 2002's THE YOUNG AND THE HOPELESS, and guitarist Benji Madden and his singer twin brother JOEL have been listening to lots of MORRISSEY-led Smiths records to get in the mood.

He says ,"This one is definitely more of a rock record that's less pop influenced. We love melodies and that's not changed, but there's a much darker side."

Benji adds there may even be a collaboration with N*E*R*D on the upcoming LP.

He says, "I don't want to get people's hopes up, but there's definitely talk of having a rapper on the album. N*E*R*D are very good friends of ours."

21/05/2004 09:20