Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden's drinking addiction nearly destroyed the multi million-selling band.

The American punk-rock ensemble - including Joel's twin BENJI, guitarist BILLY MARTIN, bassist Paul Thomas and drummer CHRIS WILSON - feared the new album THE CHRONICLES OF LIFE AND DEATH would never be completed after Joel's downward battle with the bottle.

Joel says, "I thought I'd destroy it all for sure. I destroy everything. When I'm drinking I like to hurt myself in anyway possible.

"I went out one night and got wasted beyond wasted. I didn't remember anything about the night and woke up thinking, 'Holy s**t, what happened last night?'

"I had to stop, I was getting out of control. I had a problem. It is hard, but I'm better off without it.

"I'm not going to let everybody else suffer because I can't control myself."

01/02/2005 13:49