Rockers Good Charlotte have cancelled two shows on their U.S. tour to allow Benji Madden time to rest his voice.
Doctors have advised the guitarist/singer not to overwork his vocal cords following a recent illness, and, as a result, the band has axed its Monday night (21Mar11) gig in Portland, Oregon and Tuesday's (22Mar11) concert in Seattle, Washington.
Madden has apologised for the cancelled shows, insisting he and his bandmates wouldn't pull out of gigs unless they had to - but medics told him to rest to prevent further throat damage.
In a series of posts on his page, he writes, "Sorry Seattle & Portland. Shows R cancelled. Dr. ordered vocal rest. The Rest of Tour is Still On. Vox Almost healed. Thanx4the Love!
"The Vox trouble has been serious and could be permanent if we don't take the Doc's advice. We H8 canceling shows. Thanx4the support."