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hey I like so much good charlotte and their music! People always say: they suck, they're a bunch of posers. And they even make ridiculous websites. If you dislike them so much then why did you made a stupid website!Is like, get a life!My favorite band are them because I think their personalities (from info etc) is nice and I think they are strong to carry on. Just gotta say that joel makes a good couple with Hilary Duff, even if I don't like her songs...One day I'll meet them. You'll see.heheheSara x

Posted 11 years 11 months ago by x..x. UnPRedicT...

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I was wondering when good charlotte will be bring out a new cd because I love their music and I am a big fan of benji madden because he is so hot and joel is okay but he got a girlfriend , will benji iam a big fan of yours .love ya benji madden

Posted 11 years 12 months ago by benji'sfan

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omg benji is so hot and so cute.i love his hair im a big punk fan for benji i dress like him all the time luv ya benji!!!!!!!

Posted 12 years 8 months ago by manda

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ok. i agree that joel and hilary duff clash big time, shes so...fake. but if joel is happy, then so be it. im not his mother, neither are you. he doesnt know you, you dont know him. you have no right to critisize their relationship.secondly, i believe that joel and benji get way too much credit, and billy, paul and CHRIS should get more attention, because obviously, joel and benji would be nowhere without these three talented lads. Although chris is out of the band because of an unfortunate sickness, i still believe that he deserves more credit because he is the nicest guy i have ever met AND he has given so much to the band during their tours. Lastly, if you claim to be a fan of the band, i believe that you shouldnt only like them because you find one member ''hot'' as you would.. i believe that is a form of "poser-ism". I agree billy is hot and talented, but so are the other members, in their own way. and i also believe that if you were a fan, you wouldnt only say "i want to meet billy", it would be more like "i want to meet the guys". And i am lucky for being able to meet them all, and it made me lose respect for them(all but chris). They are so different than they make themselves out to be on their albums. They are "fake" and whatnot, which made them lose alot of credibility on their albums. Dont get me wrong, their nice guys.. but theyre not what they make everyone think they are.although i constantly critisize the boys, i still believe that they are one of the most solid pop-rock bands of our generation. gc rocks, and so do istacey suicide

Posted 12 years 8 months ago by StaceyAtTheDisco

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im happy for joel and hilary they are a great couple

Posted 13 years 4 months ago by gc fan

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