A lost Gone With The Wind script featuring a change to the film's infamous ending is expected to fetch up to $5,000 (£2,900) at auction.

The 1939 Hollywood classic, which stars Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable as lovers, ends with Gable's character Rhett Butler walking out on Leigh's Scarlett O'Hara, telling her, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

Cinema audiences were wowed by his arrogance, and by O'Hara's determined closing line: "After all, tomorrow is another day."

However, a recently found script for the movie contains an alternate ending, with Leigh shouting out to the departing Butler: "Rhett!... Rhett!... You'll come back. You'll come back... I know you will!"

The script will go under the hammer in an online sale via Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas, on Monday (04Aug14).

Margaret Barrett, of Heritage Auctions, says, "This alternate ending shows her life is going to be about getting Rhett Butler back whereas in the original she is sad to see him go but it's not the be all and end all.

"I think the directors made the right decision sticking with the original ending because it best shows Scarlett's true character - she was a fighter and that's why we all love her so much... We are starting bidding at $500 (£294) but it could go for $5,000 (£2,900)."