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See The World
Single Review

Gomez See The World Single

A rejuvenating Festival season for this old time with a splash of Americana outfit has been helped, in no small way by the fresh-feeling and adventuring 'See The World'. Gomez have not lost their ability to produce a wandering pop song. The aching, contemplative lyrics are fired home with the Steve Earle rowing a boat with Tom Waits lyrical lash of Ben Ottewell;

"Day to day where do you want to be?
'Cos now you're tryin' to pick a fight with everyone you need.
You seem like a soldier, who's lost his composure.
You're wounded and play a waiting game. In no-man's land no-one's to blame.'

The choral kick is catchy pop as it should be, combining layered guitars and stroking percussion that shove the track along. Gomez have managed to find an extra kick in their style, just when people were look to kick them into past.

Rating 7/10

David Adair

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