Review of Girlshapedlovedrug Single by Gomez

Single Review

Gomez Girlshapedlovedrug Single

This folk and skiffle layered, paranoid jaunt from the journeying Brit rockers of Gomez promotes their chorus hinged swagger. Ben Ottewell's Beck replicating vocal clarity has stayed remarkably intact through years of constant project. It is the centrepiece that is decorated by swirling guitars and rumbling percussion that lies back and allow Ben's rhythmically yearning cries to dominate proceedings, often building like a therapy session as the root of all his problems is exposed. Gomez are determined not to become a relic of the end of last century (remember the hazy 'Bring It On' of 1998?), and the swift building catchiness contained on this number will more than likely aid them in this plight.

David Adair

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