Dj-turned-actor Goldie is showing off his painting skills at an exhibition of his artwork in London.
The dance star has produced portraits of 12 British athletes in action ahead of the Olympic Games in the U.K. capital next year (12), and the images are to go on display later this month (Oct11).
The former Bond baddie has been a keen painter since he was a young man, and he hopes his exhibition inspires British youngsters to take up art - as it saved him from a life of crime.
Goldie, real name Clifford Price, tells U.K. TV show Daybreak, "Art, for the young generation especially, is very important. If it wasn't for art, I would probably have gone down the slippery slope. I mean, music and art got me out of a lot of stuff. I was a bit of a troubled youth. (Then) I got into graffiti and urban art and it really got me into art.
"It's really important. I think for young kids now, being active with painting is really different from being on a computer."
Athleticizm by Goldie opens in London on 28 October (11).