Goldie thinks Idris Elba sticks out from the crowd too much to play James Bond.

The 52-year-old star - who played a Bond villain in 'The World Is Not Enough' - has insisted it would be difficult for Idris to replace Daniel Craig as the iconic character, saying a ''black guy in the middle of Russia in a casino'' would be too easy to spot.

Speaking at the 2018 AIM Independent Music Awards in London on Tuesday (04.09.18), Goldie told BANG Showbiz: ''I'd love to see him do it but you see a black guy in the middle of Russia in a casino you know, he's gonna kind of stick out a bit, isn't he? Like, it's obvious who the spy is!''

Goldie is a huge fan of the British actor and claimed that if Idris does manage to make a success of the Bond role, it'll prove that anything is possible.

The musician explained: ''He's a don, he's an absolute don ... if he does it fine, anything's possible. But if it stays within the world of what Bond is, you know...?

''Hopefully in a multicultural world maybe he won't stick out as much, hopefully.''

Last month, Idris questioned whether the world is ready for the first black Bond.

Although the London-born actor is interested in playing 007, he doesn't think cinema goers around the world want to see a black man play the character.

He said: ''I think in England we have reached that stage [of having a black James Bond] because culturally we're sort of a lot more diverse but the rest of the world is not like that and I think there is a real sort of stigma. It's like, 'Oh he's black, can he do it because he's black?'''