Rapper-turned-actor Goldie has spoken of his heartache after seeing his son jailed for murder - insisting he "tried everything" to help the troubled youngster.
Jamie Price was caged for life by a judge at Nottingham Crown Court, England earlier this month (Sep10) for the brutal slaying of rival gang member Marlin Morris in 2008.
The dance music star, real name Clifford Price, was devastated to see the 23 year old jailed after continued efforts to help Jamie turn his life around.
He tells Britain's Daily Express, "My son was locked up for 21 years last week and we are still coming to terms with it.
"It is such a tragedy as that family has lost a child and it's just a terrible thing that happened. I tried everything I could with him, I tried to get him into music, offered him money to do anything he wanted but he just chose another route."
And Goldie admits he accepted an offer to appear on U.K. reality show Strictly Come Dancing to help his mother come to terms with Jamie's issues: "My mum is the biggest fan of the show and I'm doing it for her really. She was over the moon when I told her I was doing it."