Goldie Hawn's first meeting with British comedy icon Peter Sellers was almost disastrous - because she risked enraging the star with her colourful dress sense.

The 59-year-old actress recalls the time she jetted to the UK to film THERE'S A GIRL IN MY SOUP in 1970, and after agonising over what to wear on her first day with the late GOON star, she opted for an entirely purple outfit.

In her autobiography A LOTUS GROWS IN THE MUD, Hawn remembers, "Peter's assistant rushed over, aghast. 'Oh no!' she said, 'Peter can't stand purple. He doesn't let anyone around him wear it. He once died of a heart attack on the operating table and came back to life - all he saw when he was dead was purple.'"

But fortunately Sellers took a liking to the young blonde, and feigned ignorance about his phobia.

She says, "Before I could change, Peter walked in. I said, 'I'm so sorry I'm wearing purple.' He grinned, 'Why should you be, darling? It's one of my favourite colours.'"

09/05/2005 21:20